The Best Decision I've Made

"I had contacted Lola in early December of '09 to let her know that I would eventually be passive agressively looking for a house after I got married. Fast forward to June: I recently graduated, was getting ready to start a new job AND got married 3 months prior. It was almost as if Lola knew that it was time to put the house hunt into overdrive. I was reluctant to start as I had very little to any knowledge of the real estate market. Lola sent properties to gauge my husband and my interests and once we started narrowing down what we liked - BOOM! It went into overdrive. Lola is VERY knowledgeable about the real estate market and used that information to eliminate properties that she knew we wouldn't approve of and even when we sent her a list of properties that we wanted to look at, she previewed them and sent us updates about whether or not those properties would work for us which eliminated alot of eye and foot work needed to see every property.

Being the customer oriented agent that she is, she forced me unintentionally to step up my real estate knowledge so that we could have more intelligible conversations about expectations when buying property: our responsibilities, seller responsibilities and negotiable items. If I had questions, I was able to call Lola at crazy hours and she responded professionally and courteously. Lola never tried to get my family into something so she could earn a commission quickly; even when it seemed as if the deal wouldn't go through on my recent house, she was honest and said that sometimes it takes awhile to find a house that will be your home. The best decision I've made with regards to home ownership was hiring Lola as my real estate agent. I have seen what it means to go above and beyond for your clients and Lola exemplifies this EVERYDAY.

If you are in the market to purchase a house, condo, townhome or even rent an apartment, Lola Jefferson should be your first choice and I'm sure she would be pleased to be your agent!”"

- LeKesha Triplett, Chicago

Needle In A Haystack

"As a first time home-buyer, I had an agent that made me feel so uncomfortable that I stayed away from the market for 6 months. When I decided I was ready to start the process again, I chose to work with Lola. In the midst of a recession, I knew she was selling homes and taking her clients to closing. I felt really good about her record. When many realtors were leaving the business, Lola was prospering. That made me feel good about taking her on as my agent.

She knew that what I was looking for was a needle in a haystack. I'm writing this testimonial from my needle. Based on my comments during home visits, she was able to key in on the things I really wanted and I could see that in the properties she showed me as time went on. When I did decide to put in my offer, she was able to walk me through the process. I ended up in a dual bid situation. Given my previous, bad experience, I was beyond a nervous wreck!!! She was able to keep my head straight. WE won the bid and it was all downhill from there.

I would definitely use Lola again except that my starter home will most likely be my retirement home."

- Julie Maupin, Chicago

The Ultimate Professional

"If you are looking for the ultimate professional to represent you and have your families best interest at heart, Then I highly recommend Lola Jefferson. She has only impressed me when it came to taken care of my clients that I have sent her way. Lola, keep up the good work and thanks for all that you do."

- Darnell Sanders, Denver

Consistently Provided Excellent Service & Quick Results

"Ms. Jefferson and I have been long-time acquaintances. I have contacted her several times in the past when I have been in search of a rental unit and she has consistently provided excellent service and quick results. During my last rental search, Ms. Jefferson was able to find and secure me the perfect place within 2 weeks. As always, I am completely satisfied with the professional services that Ms. Jefferson provides as a Realtor."

- Todd Brown, Chicago

Knowledgeable,Honest, & Client Oriented

"Lola and I have worked on numerous real estate transactions. She is one of the best. She is knowledgeable, honest and client oriented. I highly recommend that anyone looking to buy or sell real estate give Lola a call."

- Joan Clay, Chicago

Always Available

"Lola was a huge help in our first time finding a home. We could count on her if we had any questions or we didn't understand any part of the process. She was always available when we needed her. I would definitely use her when we move again."

- Renayle Porter, Willowbrook

Service Oriented

"Lola is a very service oriented agent who places her clients' needs and wants at the top of her priorities. She's a truly mannered professional that applies the most sincere approach when introducing you to your potential home. I highly recommend Lola any day of the week."

- Marc Hannett, Chicago

Works Hard For Her Clients

"Lola was great to work with, she works hard for her clients and gets results. I am a person who knew what she wanted and Lola was very patient with me. Lola works hard for her clients in order to get them exactly what they need. She is a great agent with lots of integrity I have recommended her to all of my friends that are in the market for a fabulous agent."

- Laura McNair, Romeoville

Clients Are Not Only Accomodated, But Satisfied With The Results

"Lola Jefferson is a wonderfully dedicated agent who tenaciously works above and beyond to make sure that her clients are not only accomodated, but satisfied with the results of the properties that she assists them to purchase. I have referred clients to Lola and they all concur that Ms. Jefferson's ability to provide them with what they are looking for is done expediantly and within the terms that they ask to be provided.

Lola is also recommended for her honesty about details in real estate transactions that could possibly hurt her clients. Particularly in the present climate, I highly recommend Lola Jefferson as the professional real estate agent that you can trust."

- Wanda Spurlock, Richton Park

Flexibility & Hard Work

"Lola's knowledge, flexibility and hard work are an asset to our unpredictable business!"

- Nicole Grubbs, Chicago

Surpassed My Expectations

"Lola was wonderful to work with. She had drive that surpassed my own expectation. I would and have recommended her to anyone looking to have a well balanced home buying experience."

- Latriese Sardin, Chicago

More Savvy Than Other Realtors

"Lola has more savvy now than some realtors with 25 years of experience! First-time homebuyers will be walked through the process with confidence; experienced homebuyers will see the difference between her and their prior realtors!"

- Sharon Henderson, Glendale Heights

Never Lost Sight Of My Goals

"Lola never lost sight of my goals. She had the market knowledge, business savvy, dedication & care that I needed in an agent. She was committed to providing excellent service from beginning to end."

- Taron Barnes, Chicago

Never Rushed Us To Make A Decision

"Lola was very helpful in assisting me and my fiance in finding our first home. She was never pushy and never rushed us to make a decision. She had made various suggestions and recommendations to us about what place she thought would fit us and that we would like best. She knew very much what she was talking about when it came to real estate and buying a home. If she didn't know something, she found out for us right away."

- Dan Fink, Willowbrook